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Monday, September 15th, 2003
10:27 pm
Neville lay sprawled on the Common Room room floor with Trevor craoking on the small of his back.

He had a large book spread in front of him and was reading by the light of the fire, oblivious to his housemates and what they were doing.

He had already secured an apprenticeship with Professor Sprout at the end of hsi Seventh Year, and he spent every spare moment he had studying books on rare and exotic plants and their uses.

Just like he was doing right now.

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Monday, May 26th, 2003
2:50 pm
Has anyone got the Potions essay finished for tomorrow? If Professor Snape finds out I don't know anything about Disguising Potions, he'll turn me into an ingredient! I just need another six inches to finish this up, if someone would be so kind.

The Forest Trials were awful. I managed to hex Penelope's legs off, lose Trevor, get chased by satyrs, get hopelessly lost, get retrieved by centaurs, find Trevor, and make Professor Snape madder than anything. *sigh* Typical.

I know Professor Lupin says not to worry so much about what people think, but I can't help but think on it. I'm hopeless at everything, a laughingstock. How can I learn enough about Potions if I can barely breathe during class? I'm a disappointment to my family, too, I know I am. Even though I know I shouldn't try to live up to their expectations, how can I not? I'm the only one left to carry on - and that not very well. Maybe I'll become a hermit somewhere where I can't hurt anyone.

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Wednesday, May 14th, 2003
9:03 pm
Hannah and Neville DancingCollapse )

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7:19 pm
Parvati? Where are you? Did you still want to go to the ball with me? I managed to confine Trevor and I've even got some Dusk-Loving Knotweed flowers for you!

current mood: panicked

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Monday, May 12th, 2003
11:58 pm - Classes
Once again, classes are not going well. It's only a few days into term, and already I've managed to "make an impression" on my teachers. *sigh* I try so hard to be careful, to think before I act, to not drop and break things - but it never works. I wish I was coordinated like Harry. I'm not asking for much, not the reflexes of a Quidditch player - but the simple ability to walk and keep track of Trevor and not fall over would be nice.

Parvati asked me to the Ball! I'm stunned, as I was pretty sure she didn't know I was alive. Just goes to show you, I guess. I don't know what color her robes are, though I suppose my new robes will go with just about anything. Does anyone know if I'm supposed to bring flowers or chocs or something? Girls like that sort of thing, right? Also, could someone give me a hand with an Unbreakable charm for Trevor's aquarium? I'm hoping that might keep him contained for the ball.

current mood: nervous

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Saturday, May 10th, 2003
5:46 pm - Nuit Noir Ball
Such goings-on! The common room has been such a great place to just sit and people-watch lately. Harry, Ron, the Twins, Oliver, and any number of the girls are all running about like headless gnomes. I'm almost glad nobody has remembered that I don't have a date for the ball yet...

I got an owl from Gran this morning - apparently she's heard about the ball and was sending a new set of dress robes. They're a very nice shade of grey - about the colour of the lake at dusk.

current mood: busy

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Thursday, May 8th, 2003
11:43 am
Double Potions this afternoon. P-P-Professor S-S-Snape seemed to be in a hideous mood this morning, too. *sigh*

Maybe I'll get kidnapped by rogue paintings on the way.
Maybe Peeves will chuck something at my head and I'll be knocked unconscious.
Maybe I'll choke on a crisp and have to go to see Madame Pomfrey.

Maybe I'll hide quietly in the back and hope he doesn't notice me.

current mood: scared

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12:49 am
Oy. P'raps it's a good thing I didn't ask Hannah for a chocolate this evening. Honestly, though - once you molt, Canary Creams aren't so bad ... in fact, I've rather developed a taste for them!

Professor Sprout was very impressed by how much study I'd done over the holidays! I work so hard at Herbology and it seems to pay off - I just don't understand why I can't hold it together in Potions. Professor S-S-Snape just ... scares me! I want to impress him and do well, but every time I step into those dungeons ... *shudder* So much of the Herbology carries over to Potions, but it seems to fall out of my head!

current mood: tired

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Wednesday, May 7th, 2003
12:43 pm - First Morning of Class
Nothing entirely new - double Transfiguration, Care of Magical Creatures this morning. I'm looking forward to double Herbology this afternoon - Professor Sprout has promised some really interesting plants this year!

I managed to mispronounce a word this morning that turned poor Trevor into a pomegranate. Professor McGonagall looked as if she might be getting a headache...again. You'll all be happy to know, however, that by the end of class, Trevor was restored to toad form - you may all eat your pomegranates without fear! (I do worry about Professor McGonagall, though. She seems to get so many headaches in the middle of the day. Perhaps she should inquire with Madame Pomfrey about her health?)

Harry, Ron, and the twins had their heads together during breakfast today, whispering about something. They've got something planned, I'm sure of it. I'm also equally sure that I want nothing to do with it, ok?

current mood: accomplished

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Tuesday, May 6th, 2003
8:35 pm - Trauma!
It turns out that my ghosts of last night were nothing of the sort - though they did turn out to be even more frightening! Perhaps it's a good thing I didn't stop to investigate...


current mood: nauseated

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3:19 pm - Present - Warts and All
To make me feel better about the ghosts from last night, Dean drew me a sketch! It's of me and Trevor - and Trevor is staying put for once! I've decided to use it as an icon in these Journals.

Everyone seems to be finding Trevor lately. I picked him up from Professor Florence this morning - she thought there might be more than one toad. As I told her, it's not that he's escpaing and hiding, it's that he escapes and keeps moving. When so many people spot him and try to catch him, it seems like there's more. I asked Hermione if she knows of any Binding or Holding charms I might use - Locator charms are useless, as he keeps moving. Any ideas?

current mood: excited

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2:10 am - GHOSTS
I've discovered new ghosts in Hogwarts! I was going past the boy's loo on the fourth floor, looking for Trevor, and I heard the most awful noises! Fortunately, I saw Trevor in the hallway just ahead, so I grabbed him and ran back to the tower as fast as I could (which is not very fast when you've a toad to hang on to). Some second-years were just wandering in, so I didn't have to worry about the password (some Latin phrase, I'll never keep it straight)...

Has anyone else noticed a new ghost around? It was making horrid moaning and screeching noises - all very frightening. Trevor is very pale!

current mood: scared

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1:01 am - MIA
Trevor has gone missing again. Ron's promised to help me find him tomorrow, but it's too quiet without him NOW. I think I'm going to go looking.

If I get locked out, will someone wake me in the morning? I'll be right outside the portrait hole.

current mood: quixotic

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